Color Guard

MU Color Guard


Under the direction of Andre Williams, assisted by Thomas Thawley, the MU Color Guard has grown tremendously in the last year.  The group presents challenging and exciting work during every performance.

Look for new winter projects beginning this winter as well! Stay tuned for more information...

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Come join us for the 2018 season!  You can earn a scholarship towards your tuition and you do not have to be a music major.

Audition days are Friday November 17, 2017 and Friday February 9, 2018.  Click on the Audition registration button below to register for an audition.

Dance Basics for Audition:

Ballet positions 1-5, Pliés, Tendu, Dégagés, general understanding of jumps, leaps, and turns.

Consistent Flag Skill Set for Audition:

Drop Spins, Peggy Spins, Backhands, Vertical Singles (both sides), Vertical Doubles (right side), basic 45 toss (up to a single and a half), basic parallel toss (up to a single).

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Next Steps...

Contact Director of Bands, Kathy Spangler at for more information or any questions.

Click on the registration button to sign up for an audition!